Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red Heart-Block

I've had crocheters block for a little while. I'm making some Christmas presents, but it's a simple object that hooks up quickly and I'm making a few of them, so I'd like something to break it up a little. I've had my Red Heart Super Saver yarn for a few weeks and been yearning to use it up. I can't find a suitable pattern for them though. I only have 3 balls that go together, which isn't really enough for a blanket and I'd still like to do something decor-ish because of the vibrant colours.

I've finally decided, I'll make a pillow. And as I can't find a good pattern I'm making one myself. Not very adventurous, I'm just going to make a massive granny square in alternating colours and fold the corners at the back together to form the back of the pillow as well as the front. I know this isn't really a pattern, but I'm still excited about coming up with something from scratch :D If anyone has any ideas, tips or suggestions, comment, I'd love to hear what everyone thinks. As this isn't a very graphic post, here's a Garfield comic to make up for it:

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