Sunday, June 03, 2012

I miiiiiiiiissssed you

Hello my lovelies, Sorry I've been a lazy bum on the blog-front. Quite a few things have changed. a) I'm single again, so i'm left with much more time craft stuff up, b) my parents have moved to Sydney and I'm long term house+cat-sitting. Which also means a whole house to decorate with crafty goodness. Coming from a 2 bedroom flat to a 5 bedroom house, I just don't know what to do with myself. and c) I've rediscovered sewing.  I've been tempted by fat quarters for eons, but never had the room to set up a sewing space. WELL. that problem's solved so get ready to see sewing ideas on here as well. 

Better do a recap of what I've made lately to make up for my bloggish absence.

Photo: Finished!!  :-D
My gorgeous granny square lampshade 
Photo: Lavender rice heat bag, pink corduroy is so sexy :-P
My lavender corduroy rice bag
And just this morning, 
Teddy likes his outside strolls

Photo: Teddy is better at cam whoring than me lol
My ipod armband made from leggings

Jembellish has an a quick tutorial of how to make one up out of a tshirt, but i found my old holy pair of leggings worked as well. I just cut a piece of leg off at the end, folded it in half and sewed the top up (leaving a hole for the ipod to fall into) and sewed lines down to form a pocket. Now if only my teddy would do the walking for me as well as the camwhoring *sigh*

Ps. If you couldn't tell... I've discovered Instagram. Save yourselves.


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  1. LOVE your granny square lampshade!! And great idea to use old leggings for your ipod armband! Thanks for the link to my tutorial! :)