Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sleep, my pretty.

For my boyfriend's birthday, I decided to make a Nyancat Scarf. If you don't know what nyancat is, go to , it's cute. I wish I was cool enough to make this by myself, but I'm not. I grabbed the pattern from Ramen Noodles' blog (Ravelry link here) .

This is the scarf part of the pattern finished. The chevrons were pretty easy to make once I learnt how to dc3tog. What I've learnt from this stitch though is double check you've done the first row right. I had to restart about 4 times before I realised I'd accidentally done the same stitch twice instead of alternating, which got more and more emphasised as I did more rows.
The poptart body has been the easiest part to make so far. It's just a block of single crochet with pink fabric paint over the top to look like icing. I still need to get some paint to dot onto it like hundreds & thousands, but I think it's looking pretty cool.
And this alas, is where I've had to stop for the moment. It's the head of the cat and I'm very proud of it as it's the first attempt I've had at amigurumi techniques. As soon as I got the hang of it though, the pattern said to attach eyes and stuff at that point. I don't have eyes. Or stuffing. Next time I might make sure I've got all the supplies before I start :s Luckily, 50 pairs of black safety eyes are on their way and should be in my crafty little hands by Tuesday. 

So until those eyes arrive and I buy some stuffing, this is in hibernation. But don't worry my sweet, you won't be sleeping long.