Saturday, August 27, 2011

Contemplating Amigurumicide: my first try at amigurumi

As I promised myself that I wouldn't make anything too boring, I thought this would be a great first project to have a go at. I got the pattern from here for $4 and was well worth it. As a beginner I found the instructions easy to follow and apart from having to find a tutorial on how to make a magic ring, it was all pretty straightforward. 

All the parts made up before stuffing and assembly
The head with embroidered tears

After much trouble with the safety eyes with plastic washers, I received an email from the seller telling me that the washers were actually too small for the eyes supplied. So instead of having to softly hammer them in, all I had to do was cut a small slit into the washer and it fitted on perfectly.

There's my finished suicidal teddybear :D It wasn't that hard to make the hangman's noose either, I just had to look up a tutorial on youtube. Not quite sure where to put this, maybe on the coffee table to creep out visitors :D

Random crochet tip:  I was reading a post on Gleeful Things and saw a glittery cushion on the end of her crochet hook. I asked what it was, and turns out its a rubber pencil gripper to make holding the hook more       comfortable. Got to try that! :D


  1. Very cute. You could hang him from the light fitting.

  2. I could :) Or make a set of them and hang them from hooks on the wall... then I'd have myself a wall hanging :)