Monday, November 07, 2011


Sorry I haven't written in a while, but it's only because I'd been planning for the Melbourne Craft & Sew Expo.  For me, that meant a 5 hour drive each way, learning how to use the public transport and practising putting up a tent by myself. I'm not a camper, but for the love of yarn I decided to save money and camp at a caravan park instead of staying at a shmancy hotel. I am not an outdoorsy person, so I had to practise putting the tent up in my backyard before I left.
My home for 3 nights

Found out on the second day in Melbourne I'd put the cover on wrong, but apart from that it was just daaaaaaandy. I know I said I love yarn, but I've found out, I don't love it enough to sleep in a tent again.

The expo was pretty cool, it was a good feeling to be in a sea of crafty nerdiness and have a sense of belonging. Especially when I was able to walk around with my brand new tote bag :D 

Two levels of stalls, filled with quilting, sewing, yarn, candlemaking and tons of awesome crafty stuff filled in my whole afternoon, walking around and watching the discovery desk to see how to use products. My favourite was Zpagetti. Zpagetti is a crochetable product made from fashion offcuts. It's got the latest unique colours and can be used to make different striking projects. I bought enough to make a handbag and a spiral rug and I can't wait to get them finished. I've started the rug, but I'm having difficulty keeping the rug flat. as it's worked in a spiral, they tell you to alter the number of increases you do to even it all out. I'm thinking a lesson with my mum is in order. 
The Two-Tone Spiral Rug from Hooked on Zpagetti

Borsetta Bag with Toggles
These are just the examples from their website, but once I've made my own there'll be photos up here before you can say 'ohthat'ssocuteiwantone'.

While I was in Melbourne, I didn't just drool at crafty goodness. I went to the Melbourne Aquarium and saw penguins! I want one. I'll get a pool and it can sleep on a Lilo and I'll chuck icecubes in every day :D Pweeeeeeez?

Oh and my latest travel idea is: SYDNEY! Their aquarium has dugongs *grin*

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