Sunday, November 13, 2011

Toggles & Tassles

As I mentioned in my post on the Melbourne Craft Expo, I bought some stuff from Hoooked on Zpagetti. Zpagetti yarn is crochetable fabric that is made from fashion offcuts, which means the colours are always... well awesome. I bought two starter kits, one being a two-tone rug and the other was a shoulder bag. This weekend I made the bag and it. Was. Quick. The entire thing took about 3 hours. Talk about instant gratification :D

As a follower of patterns (not a designer) their pattern was simple enough for me to understand and gave a few tips on how to alter the handbag to suit me.  I made the handle a bit longer and I added the flap with a toggle close. The tassels are also an extra option. They were my favourite part, it's amazing how simple a thing can add such flair.

Another thing that really pulled me towards this is the sturdiness of it. There's no need to felt or add a lining, it'll hold up all on its own. No fear of saggage definitely makes this a winner :D

I know starter kits seem to take some of the creativeness away, but this one was great. I got to pick which colour I used, they threw in the wooden toggle and rings, a 12mm bamboo hook, instructions and even let me pick out a remnant ball to use for the tassels. If you see Hoooked On Zpagetti at your next expo or fair, they are worth checking out. Zpagetti's website is here too if you can't wait till the next fair.

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