Thursday, December 08, 2011

Zpagetti 3DS Case

I'm grinning from ear to ear, because in just one afternoon I've created my first pattern. This DS case is incredibly simple and using Zpagetti yarn it works up in no time. The fabric yarn is soft but sturdy, so it'll protect your DS if it gets dropped.

If you need some Zpagetti, order it online from  here. It's made from fabric offcuts which are slightly stretchy, so it takes a little practise to get the tension right, but this would be a great project to play around with.
I ♥ the texture of Zpagetti

Velcro dots are so handy xx

12 mm crochet hook (Zpagetti have bamboo ones available)
Zpagetti yarn of your choice
Button (optional)
Velcro dots (optional)

1. Make a slipknot and chain 6.
2. Sc in the second chain (front loops only) and continue to the opposite end.
3. In that end chain, increase by sc twice into that one chain.
4. Keep making sc along the other side (using both loops) until you reach your turning chain.
5. Continue to sc in both loops until you get the desired length (mine was about 8 rounds).
6. If you want a flap, chain 1, turn your work and sc along one side. Repeat that row once or twice, then continue to do rows of sc without the chain one at the beginning. That will start to decrease the flap. To finish the flap, slip stitch one row.
7. Place velcro dots to close the flap and sew on a decorative button if you wish.

Let me know if the pattern is confusing as I've never written one before and would love to hear some feedback.

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