Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easiest Geek Project Ever

Earbud headphones. You know them. Those things that sit in a drawer because you don't have the spare 20 hours to de-tangle them from the ball of cordy chaos that they have become. Well here's a nifty/trendy/quick solution that makes you feel almost bohemian. EARBUD CABLE COVERS!

 All you have to do is make a slipknot, then single crochet along inserting the hook under the cable as you would if it was a loose end. Continue along until you want to your earbuds to divide, then continue along just one of the cables instead of both. Tie off at the earbud and work in the loose end. To do the other single cable, just make another slip knot and start again where you first split the cables up. If it makes it any clearer, there's a Youtube video here by iuseamactx. Think if I make them with sock yarn and work out some cool colour patterns I wouldn't mind selling some at the local art and craft market. Because everyone needs a little colour in their lives :D

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